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The first step toward securing your company’s networks, systems, and data is ensuring your employees receive effective security awareness training. 95% of security breaches are caused by human error. These security breaches range from hacking attacks to accidental data exposure. Every employee has a role to play in defending against security incidents.

Employee training solutions

Employee training includes complimentary attendance and participation reports, plus follow-up security quizzes by email. All training is performed in-person with a member of our Red Team, giving your employees the opportunity to ask questions and gain expert insider knowledge into information security.

General Employee Training

Teach your employees how to recognize social engineering attempts, how to properly protect data and prevent exposures, and how to recognize threats when they occur.


Physical Security Training

Prepare your security team to prevent physical access to company buildings and hardware by securing access controls and recognizing social engineering tactics.

administrative training

Train your administrative team on information security regulatory compliance, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and CMMC. Understand the cybersecurity lifecycle and its effect on business operations and regulatory requirements.

executive Training

This training course is designed for C-Suite Members and Executives. Learn how to incorporate security awareness into leadership and understand the big picture when it comes to protecting your data, compliance and regulatory needs, incident response and business continuity planning, and more.

IT Security Training

Refresh your IT team’s security awareness with detailed network security training courses tailored to your security team’s needs. Prepare your team for a possible cyber incident with vulnerability management, key management, supply chain management training, and more.


Avoid Data Exposures

Employee Security Awareness Training is one of the most effective and easiest cybersecurity policies to implement. Hackers will often target people to infiltrate systems because they are often easier to manipulate than rigid security controls. Your employees are your first and last line of defense. Make sure they are prepared to spot threats and they understand how to report them effectively to avoid security breaches.

Prioritize Security Awareness

Having a robust training program ensures every employee is receiving relevant training to keep your company’s data and assets safe from cyber breaches. Consistent training, reminders, quizzes, and memos ensure that security awareness is at the forefront of your employees minds.

Training tailored to fit your needs

computer security

Critical Fault takes the time to teach your employees relevant security practices that apply to their daily jobs, without overwhelming them with too much knowledge on security policies. Instead, our security experts teach them what they need to know to continue secure business operations. This helps the employee remember to stay security aware without burning them out on too many rigid security policies.

Specialized training subjects


Access Control Training

Train your employees on how to properly utilize access controls, what to look for to find intruders, and how to properly vet visitors before allowing them into your organization or networks. This helps ensure that your employees won’t fall victim to many of the social engineering techniques hackers use to infiltrate buildings and systems.


Physical Security Safety

Train your physical security staff on how to properly secure your perimeter and company assets. Teach them how to identify social engineering techniques and how to identify risks within your security architecture. Having a well trained security staff on hand can help prevent many common intrusion techniques.


Social Engineering Training

Find out what social engineering looks like, how to identify it, and how to avoid accidentally disclosing sensitive information to a suspected threat actor. Identifying social engineering behavior and properly vetting individuals before allowing them access to systems, assets, buildings, or networks, is critical to your security infrastructure.


Phishing Campaign

This campaign sends fake phishing emails throughout your organization to test your employee’s security awareness training and knowledge. Phishing is the most predominant delivery method for malware and viruses. At the end of the campaign, a list is compiled of clicks/email ratio, and recommended strategies on how to improve employee security awareness.

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