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Malicious attackers can circumvent digital protections by gaining direct access to physical assets. Once an attacker has gained access to your building or hardware, they can easily infiltrate networks and operating systems. Critical Fault analyzes your organization’s physical security controls to ensure that your critical infrastructure and company networks are protected.


Threat vectors

Various Threat Vectors impact what security controls you need to have in place. Critical Fault analyzes your organization’s physical controls to detect vulnerabilities, determine the effectiveness of your existing security controls, and provide strategies for increasing your physical security maturity levels. 


Exterior Entry Points

A building’s exterior entry points are the most important part of a physical security system, with some of the most robust systems being implemented, such as fences, gates, or RFID scanners. Critical Fault identifies vulnerabilities within your access points and provides suggestions for improving security controls.

Points of Exit

Internal security controls are often missing or non-existent. Strong exit controls are essential to your organization’s security and can stop internal threats from escalating privileges and gaining unauthorized access to restricted areas. Critical Fault analyzes points of exit and identifies any vulnerabilities to help your company protect itself from a threat actor.

Device Implantation

Attackers will often try to administer malware through infected devices, either by plugging in the device themselves or by planting the device in a organizational common area. Critical Fault’s Red Team mimics these attacks to test physical security controls and employee security awareness training.

social engineering

Human behavior is always being exploited to gain access to controlled areas. Threat actors will often try to deceive an organization’s employees into believing the actor belongs to gain access to critical information or systems. Critical Fault’s penetration testers use real-world social engineering techniques to test your employees against actual intrusion scenarios.

additional physical security services



Employee management training

Train staff to understand physical security best practices and how to avoid common physical security mistakes.


Equipment Documentation

Documentation of all security controls in place and asset inventories to discover any missing or additional devices.

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