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Application Security

Application Security is the next frontier when it comes to hackers and is critical to protecting your operations from incidents. Critical Fault focuses on the art of exploiting web applications by finding flaws in your enterprise’s applications. Our Red Team is composed of experienced developers with the knowledge to find weak spots in any application.

Application Testing Solutions

Code Review


Using Static Application Security Testing (S.A.S.T), our security experts analyze the source code to find flaws hidden deep within the application and provide recommendations for fixing them before hackers have the chance to exploit them.

Web Application testing

Using Dynamic Application Security Testing (D.A.S.T.) and whitebox testing, Critical Fault simulates an attack on your application in use, identifying errors and vulnerabilities along the way. 

mobile Application testing

Critical Fault provides mobile application testing by analyzing local storage, transport security between the application and the web service, local database use, and the application runtime environment using D.A.S.T.

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application security expertise

Our developers have expert insider knowledge on the latest hacking trends allowing them the unique ability to prepare for vulnerabilities as soon as they arise, including zero-day attacks or new malware types. This allows Critical Fault to tailor your defenses according to current events and hacking trends – making sure there are never any gaps in your security.


aligned with security frameworks

Our methods are aligned with testing frameworks to ensure your applications are protected with the highest integrity. Using multiple methods, such as OWASP ASVS, and Common Weakness Enumeration, Critical Fault ensures your application is protected fully.



Put application security awareness at the forefront of your development process with DevSecOps – Critical Fault’s security experts work directly with your development team to avoid security risks as the application is being developed and beyond – creating security throughout the lifecycle of the application.


Adversarial Simulation

Our penetration testers use an offensive security approach – they take techniques from real-world hacker and attack your application from the perspective of a malicous threat actor, called Adversarial Simulation. This allows your company to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by threat actors.

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meet our red team

Kris Wall

Kris Wall

CTO, Penetration tester

Jordan Calwell

Jordan Calwell

ceo, Physical security expert

Nick Harris

Nick Harris

Penetration tester

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