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 Identify your biggest risks and demonstrate due diligence with our audit-ready risk assessments. A cybersecurity risk assessment will identify security blind spots as well as validate protections that are in place. Our Risk Assessments align with industry best practices including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, OWASP, and ISO 27001/27002.


Risk Assessments

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Meet Annual Requirements


Our risk assessments are designed to meet annual risk assessment requirements and tailored to your organization’s needs. Our risk assessments provide compliance for, but not limited to: PCI DSS, CMMC, DFARS, HIPAA, and NIST.

Detailed Reports


Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive reports detailing the residual risk rankings, current and recommended maturities, findings and recommendations for each area investigated as well as a high-level picture of your company’s overall status.


Tailored to your compliance needs

Our assessments are aligned with the information security principles defined in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and can be customized to meet your organization’s compliance requirements, depending on your industry.

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Critical Fault will identify your organization’s controls and processes to protect information, assess their effectiveness against industry standards, determine your current organizational and system risks, and provide detailed priorities for enhancing your organization’s security posture and maturity.

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Risk Rankings

Allows your organization to prioritize the most severe risks first, reducing your risks of a serious data breach.


Maturity Assessment and Goals

Get an in-depth look at your current cybersecurity maturity. Create maturity goals and document your progression towards those goals.


Feedback on existing controls/risks

Discover the effectiveness of your exisisting security controls and identify risks that need remediation.


Develop Remediation Strategies

Develop strategies to fix any vulnerabilities or indicators of compromise to prevent future security incidents from occurring.


Control enhancement and Risk reduction

Strengthen your organization’s security controls and reduce your existing risks by performing regular risk assessments and acting upon the remediation strategies indicated in the reports.

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