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What is the Sales Channel?

Critical Fault’s Sales Channel is a strategic working partnership between our company and yours that allows us the opportunity to bundle our services together, benefitting both parties. We work one on one with our Sales Partners to ensure sales representatives understand our services and how they benefit your customers. This allows your organization not only to provide the consultation services they need, but to also provide quality cybersecurity solutions from a trusted partner, giving your customers the holistic cybersecurity maturity they deserve.

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Critical Fault works one-on-one with your sales team to teach them how to sell cybersecurity services and provide your customers the one-stop-shop that will keep them coming back for business. Being a Sales Channel Partner is a natural solution to many industries, including risk management and governance, cybersecurity insurance, MSP’s, and more. Find out how cybersecurity services can compliment your industry!

Benefits of a sales channel partnership


Customer Retention and Loyalty


Customer Convenience


Marketing Opportunities


Partner Cybersecurity services discount

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Critical Fault is dedicated to providing your customers the cybersecurity services they deserve. Critical Fault does not cut corners or stop once a few vulnerabilities are found. Instead, we ensure that every test, assessment, and report thoroughly explores the full scope of the project, providing a holistic view of your customer’s cybersecurity maturity and risk rankings. Additionally, Critical Fault is uniquely positioned to augment our Incident Response efforts using cutting-edge Digital Forensics toolkits to get to the root of any incident and preserve evidence for expert witness testimony, if necessary.

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Talk to a team member today to find out how our Sales Channel works, what it means to be a Critical Fault Partner, and what benefits you and your customers can expect from joining our Sales Channel.

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