Madison Horn Joins the Critical Fault Team as CEO

by | Jun 4, 2023

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Madison Horn Joins the Critical Fault Team as CEO

In Madison’s new role as CEO of Critical Fault, she will lead the vision and strategy for the organization while fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. Madison is dedicated to strengthening Critical Fault’s position as a trusted provider of elite services and empowering organizations to defend against evolving threats and strengthening their overall resiliency.




With a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, Madison brings extensive expertise and leadership to the Critical Fault team.

Madison’s career spans over a decade, her previous roles include working in both startup environments and global organizations, where she showcased her exceptional leadership skills as a catalyst leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. Madison’s dedication to removing barriers and fostering excellence within people-first organizations has earned her an exceptional reputation in the industry.

Before joining Critical Fault, Madison embarked on her cybersecurity journey at Fusion X, a startup focused on cyber-attack simulation, threat modeling, cyber investigations and security risk advisory services. Following an acquisition, she joined Accenture’s Global Cyber Defense practices, playing a pivotal role in building out their portfolio of services globally. Followed by her contributions to the development of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Cloud Security Practice and her involvement as part of the founding team of Siemens Energy Global Security practice further solidified her expertise in building cybersecurity capabilities and services globally.

Madison’s unique experiences have positioned her as a leader in the cybersecurity field, equipping her to make significant contributions to various aspects of the industry. Her technical expertise, business acumen, exceptional interpersonal skills, and ability to navigate complex problems across geographical, organizational, and cultural boundaries have earned her recognition as a trusted advisor. Madison has actively shaped educational curriculum, advised on global cybersecurity standards and regulations, and collaborated with government agencies, demonstrating her relentless commitment to advancing the field.

Madison’s extensive career experience also includes a nomination for US Senate in her home state, during which she focused on advancing cyber policy, securing the nation’s critical infrastructure, bolstering national security, and advancing foreign policy, motivated by her unwavering dedication to strengthening her community and country.

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